Civil Projects

With over 20 years of experience with site earthwork and utility installation, A.M. Landshaper can provide any grading and utilities for any site large or small.

We Also invested in new technology with GPS and laser Grade Control.  With advance technology, we are able to increase production efficiencies and accuracy.

Whitworth Health & Science Building

In 2020 A.M. Landshaper partnered up with Whitworth University and Walker Construction to provide all Civil and Landscape and Irrigation for the new Health and Science Building. We removed and replaced 40 feet of unsuitable soil then brought in new structural fill to achieve stable building subgrade.

Grade Control Equipment

A.M. Landshaper utilizes Trimble Grade Control equipment for most construction projects.  We have 2 systems, a GPS based system and a Laser Total Station based system.  This provides our field crews with all site information and elevations need to accomplish the project.  

Mead School District PAA

In 2019 and 2020 we worked and completed the civil site and earthwork package for the Mead School District Performing Arts and Athletic Complex.  A.M. Landshaper provided all the earthwork and utility construction along with the gravel base and drainage for the new synthetic Turf Athletic Field.  Additionally A.M. Landshaper engineered the sports surface soil for the soccer field and installed all the topsoil.

Civil Site Pictures

Drywell Installation

Sewer lift stain and Sewer by-pass work