New Playfield Surfaces

We have become one of the leaders in natural grass and synthetic sports-field installation in the area.  A.M. Landshaper has the tools and expertise to provide a top-quality sports-field that will last for many seasons of play.  We engineer site specific drainage and root zone materials to ensure high performance surfaces for all levels of athletic and recreational use.

Mariners T-Mobile Park

We provided surface reconstruction including removal of entire root zone, irrigation modifications, new top soil, finish grading to prepare the surface for new natural grass installation and infield clay.  

Whitworth Pine Bowl and Baseball Field

We installed a new synthetic grass field for Whitworth University for the football and baseball fields

Inchelium Football Field

In 2019 we were awarded the Inchelium Football Field Renovation.  The project included selective demolition of existing structures Regrading the field, new irrigation system, goal posts, score board, field lighting, installation of root zone, parking lot, grass seeding of field and new fencing.

Gonzaga Soccer Field

Demolition of existing field and tennis courts.  Mass site grading, export of unsuitable soils, sub-surface drainage, utility infrastructure including field lights bases, root zone soils, irrigation  and seeded grass surface.

WSU Women's Varsity Field

As the General contractor for this project we provided primary utility relocations, additions of new power and storm utilities, cement treated soil base, sub-surface air and drainage system, engineered root zone, irrigation, natural grass surfacing, synthetic turf team bench area, field lighting, site retaining walls and scoreboard.

Eastern Washington University

We provided finish grade surface for updated synthetic turf replacement.

Spokane Falls Community College

This project was a conversion of natural grass football field to a synthetic turf soccer field.  We removed and disposed of 6,000 cubic yards of existing grass and root zone soil, demolition of existing irrigation, sub-surface drainage, turf base work, synthetic turf, turf cooling system, electrical, communication upgrades, fencing and netting systems.

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