Field Maintenance

After your natural grass field has been played on, maintenance is something that is forgotten.  We have highly specialized equipment to keep your natural grass fields safe, smooth, vigorously growing and aesthetically pleasing.  Talk to us about soil decompaction, topdressing, fraise mowing and over-seeding.  With our turf grass maintenance solutions we enable you to have premium surfaces to compete on!

Fraise Mowing

We have a state of the art equipment to provide fraise mowing to revitalize your grass fields.  The top section of grass is removed, the root system stays intact and what grows up is a new and level grass field.

The waste that comes off is great for composting since it is mostly organic material that has been pulverized.  We can dispose of it for you or you can keep it for future use.

Safeco Field Playing Field Replacement_0
Safeco Field Playing Field Replacement_0

Our linear decompaction equipment enables air, water and nutrients to be delivered back into your soils profile.

Seeding and Top Dressing

Top dressing and over-seeding are common maintenance practices on all golf courses and athletic surfaces.